Thursday, July 21, 2011

Accepting the things you cannot change~

Tonight I am sharing my testimony with women at the jail. I know I will be facing a group from all walks of life that are in a place they never really planned for their lives. I will be speaking to someone's mom, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, etc... I have never been in jail myself, but I know that my drug addiction could have very easily led me there if my situation had not come to a stop when it did. I still experienced many of the feelings personally that I know these women in jail are dealing with. I remember thinking my life was over on some level and I feared that I would never be respected as a nurse again. I was worried that I would forever carry with me a stereotype that screamed drug addict! I was truly at the end of "myself" as I like to call it. In looking back now...this was such a sweet place to be. When I am weak, He is strong! Without doubt, God had to allow this in my life so He could get me still and humble enough to listen and realize that I for once didn't have all the answers. Today, I can honestly say I am thankful for my drug addiction because it was through this valley that I was able to have the eyes of my heart fully opened to see Jesus for who He really is to me.