Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He's Alive in the Hearts of His People

Here lately I have been doing a great deal of reflection on my journey with Jesus. There has just been something missing and as always I'm certain to be the problem. I try too hard to figure things out sometimes instead of just turning to God first. I get distracted sometimes and turn to Jesus last. Not my proudest momment, but it happens I must admit.

Anyway, during my time of reflection and searching I ran across a journal entry from December 3, 2007 that described a day in my life that was just like entertaining an angel. It went something like this...

We were landing in DC as we flew right past the Pentagon building. I was praying and asking God if He wanted me to go and prayer walk around the capitol building. I didn't have the right shoes for walking and really didn't want to go on this day, but was willing if God prompted me to do so. I just cried out to God to make Himself real to me on this day because I felt as if I was missing Him so much. I kid you NOT, within 30 minutes I was sitting down having lunch in the airport when a dark skinned gentleman (much like this picture) approached me and asked if he could sit with me to have lunch. This man was on break from his first week at work with the airlines. He spoke English although it was quite broken. Turns out, he is from the Sudan region of Africa. I was quietly talking to God about what to say to this man because I knew I had prayed a short time ago asking God to show Himself real to me. I knew this had to be of God. I blurted out, "Do you celebrate Christmas?" He looked back at me with a grin the size of Texas and said, "oh yes!" He proceeded to tell me that he would go to church. I asked what kind of church and he replied Pentecostal. He went on to tell me that he grew up Muslim, went to Catholic school, and now goes to a Pentacostal church. I became excited with the anticipation that he surely must know my Jesus! I immediately had to ask him if he knew Jesus and without a second of hesitation he volnteered that he was a born-again believer in Jesus Christ! The radient white teeth shining through his smile will forever be burned into my mind. He started to tell me that many people say Jesus is dead, but he took his fist and pounded it upon his heart telling me that He's NOT, Jesus is alive in the hearts of His people. He kept telling me we have to pray and let the Holy Spirit move, pray and let the Holy Spirit move. As his lunch came to an end, he let me know his time was up and he wanted to pray with me. This man reached across the table and took my right hand while praying for me. He then got up and left. I cannot tell you in words what happened inside of my heart during this moment in time. All I can say is He's Alive in the Hearts of His People and He hears our cries. I'm amazed at how the Lord sees the inside of our heart and knows what we need and when we need it. I needed that reminder that He is in fact ALIVE in the hearts of His people. God strolled my memory right back to one of the most powerful times in my journey when He revealed to me how ALIVE He is...and I receive it today!

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