Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it Yoga??? No it's Jesus!!!

I crack myself up at some of the thoughts that run through my crazy mind! After dinner tonight I decided to take a stroll along the Mississippi riverfront down by the park in La Crosse, WI. People were literally stirring from every direction this afternoon and from afar I noticed this group sitting on the ground in a circle. The thought crossed my mind that it was a group about to do yoga and then as I got a bit closer I could see there was a man talking with a group of youth. I ended up parking myself on the concrete base of an old monument in the park so I could hopefully hear what this man was telling this group of youngsters. As I listened for a moment it didn't take long to figure out that this group was sharing about Jesus! This was music to my ears and a blessing to my heart:) The guy sharing with the group was encouraging the youth to prayerfully walk around in downtown La Crosse seeking God's direction as to how He wanted to use them. He was sharing from his own heart how God had really revealed Himself in this very park on many different occasions. Immediately, I began to pray for God to lead me in this moment. What was I to do if anything? Did God draw me over just to listen or was I to share something from my heart?

After the group prayed, I asked a lady standing near me what church group this was and she told me they were from First Free Church. I promptly walked over to the guy that was the obvious leader of this group of youth and told him I needed to share something quickly with this group if that was okay. I told them I was from KY and that I was traveling back and forth weekly to work in this area. I shared my experience about how God does want us to be bold and allow Him to work through our lives. We may not always understand or even realize the impact we are having on someone else. I shared the following story: Two years ago I was on a flight into La Crosse when I sat next to a lady that I was sharing my personal testimony about Jesus. This past March I was traveling back into La Crosse for work again and a lady asked me if I remembered her and she started to jog my memory as to who she was when I DID recall her! As it turns out this lady was the very same lady I sat next to and shared my journey with Jesus! It was my friend Shelly that I mentioned in a few blog posts ago titled "Sometimes we just need a big 'ol splash of Jesus". Shelly shared with me how two years ago God had placed me into her life at a critical time when she was searching. She told me God used me to help literally change her life. She got involved with First Free Church and started attending some Bible studies and connecting with other women in this fellowship. I wanted this group to know that God is already using the Christians at First Free Church to bless others and they should be encouraged as they step up to reach out to others. I wanted them to know that just there very presence in the circle at Riverfront Park was a blessing to my heart and gave me tremendous encouragement as I watched God's people gather with intentions of reaching out to others with the love of Jesus Christ!

Is it NOT just crazy AmaZing that God would put a lady in my path from two years ago to let me know how she connected at First Free Church and then tonight I walk right into the midst of First Free Church youth gathering in the Riverfront Park? I live for seeing Jesus ALIVE in the hearts of His people! First Free Church is yielding their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and I'm forever thankful that He is giving me the privilege of seeing this all the way form KY!

After sharing my little experience with the youth, I talked more with the young lady, Darlene that I had asked what church this group was with. We ended up sharing with each other how amazing Jesus is and how people in general have really abandoned just loving people and having authentic compassion for others. We exchanged contact information and plan to connect by e-mail and possibly have dinner some evening before my time in La Crosse is over. Only God can ordain such connections and meetings and I am forever honored and humbled by his divine hand intervening in my life! Thank you Lord Jesus...I love you so!!!

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