Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bad Weather, Delayed Flights, & Extended Stays...

Long story short, I should have flown home Thursday and weather related issues caused an additional overnight stay. Honestly, I just wanted to get home because “officially” my vacation had started and I had laundry to do so we could leave for Key West at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. Oh the anxieties of travel and uncontrolled circumstances, but then this whisper came…like a peace within me…there is a reason for this…

I arrived into Minneapolis Friday morning with a few hours to kill so I decided to mosey over to the mall area of the airport for a sit down breakfast. My waitress was so super nice and honestly made me a bit uncomfortable in some weird way. She had a raspy voice, made intense eye contact, and I hate to admit this but she gave me the impression that she might possibly at one time been a man…not sure about that one though. She just had features that gave off this impression coupled with the way she carried herself. Isn’t it just like us to profile people that are a bit different than we are? Regardless, I began thinking about how God loves her and none of those things that may or may not be true make any difference in the fact that God sent His son Jesus to die for her just like He did me.

As I was eating my breakfast, I had the strong thought come to my mind that I should get a book out that I have been reading and perhaps my waitress might ask me about it. The book is called “The Missing Elements of Worship” and I actually bought it earlier in the week at a Goodwill store in La Crosse, WI for two bucks. I must admit I had doubts anyone would notice my choice of reading material much less my waitress.

Moments later my waitress caught a brief glimpse of the book cover and she DID lean in to ask me what I was reading. Needless to say, this was the first bit of the encounter that profoundly gripped my attention! As I flipped the book over and told her I actually bought the book a few days ago in the Goodwill store she proceeds to tell me that another lady was reading that same book a few days ago. She nor could I believe this was in fact the same book! With much excitement in her voice, she proceeded to share with me how this other woman was such Godly woman and travels around speaking about the Lord.

My waitress was so animated in our conversation at this point she was saying to me that it was kind of interesting as to how all these Godly people were everywhere last week and now again this week because she had been thinking of getting her family into church. She even said it sounds like God is knock, knock, knockin’ on my door! I said yes I would say that He is my friend! I was able to briefly share with her a small bit about how lately I was concerned with how the church was allowing “religion” to overshadow the love of Jesus and his invitation to come to Him just as you are. I mean honestly… I had just sat in this very restaurant and been somewhat guilty of the very thing that gripes me inside the church! I had already had the very thought about this woman that “might” be a “man” and was scanning my thoughts as to how messed up she might actually be. I was weighing in my mind the chances of God being able to reach her. We tend to give up on people based on appearances and trends of behavior that we brush elbows with in society. Praise God He NEVER gives up on us! My mind quickly re-oriented and returned to the days that I am sure my life looked such a mess there were people thinking there was no way God was going to be able to reach me. I was terribly self-absorbed. God reminded me AGAIN where I have been delivered from through the blood of His precious son, Jesus! I told this young lady in our brief conversation that I used to be a drug addict and that if it wasn’t for Jesus I don’t know where I would be today.

Before I left the restaurant to catch my flight I felt that I couldn’t just leave and not say something encouraging to this young woman. I wrote her a brief note telling that I could clearly see God knocking on the door to her heart and encouraged her to pay attention and yield to what He wants to do in her life. I shared with her a bit about salvation and how God had used her to bless me this very day. I told her how God had prompted me to get my book out because the thought entered my mind that she would ask me what I was reading. I confessed my doubts that I had and how through this encounter God had increased my very faith! As I was leaving, I made sure to find her so I could hand her my note. She immediately expressed such heartfelt gratitude and hugged me while bidding me farewell with a God Bless You. Amazing!

As I was walking to my gait to fly home, my mind raced with excitement, and it was clear as to why my flight plans had changed the night before. God had a divine appointment for this gal that waits tables in an airport restaurant called Ike’s. He started working in her life last week through that other lady. He wanted her to see my book and do what God can only do…blow her mind and confirm His presence in the tiniest of details. God is so very good and I am just once again honored that he allows me to be involved in anything He is doing knowing how completely nasty I can be some days. Thank you Jesus for loving me anyway! Help me to always LOVE like you do…

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