Monday, January 17, 2011

Amazing things happen...

We had a very exciting turnout for our first week into the study, "When God's People Pray". I believe we had 27 women present for session one!

I have to share an amazing story that just happened tonight! I arrived into Madison, WI and called the Hilton shuttle to pick me up. The same guy (Jordan) that has picked me up before shows up. We were chatting about my work and his school as we drove along the seriously snow covered roads! Somehow the conversation shifted to my husband and the type of work he does that allows me to travel since we have a 13 year old daughter. I was sharing about the ministry work our family has been led into and how that all came about in the short span of the last four years. Turns out, Jordan openly confesses that he too has been trying to find his own faith after I had shared what our family had experienced through faith in Jesus Christ. I have to admit, this created quite an excitement in my heart! I immediately reflected to the video I had just watched a little over 24 hours prior and was able to see myself in the pages of God's plan for another one of his beautifully created children. I talked with Jordan about getting into God's word for himself and asking God to reveal Himself personally. I told him I would be praying for him as he seeks God for the answers he personally needs in finding his way right now. Before I went to bed, I heard the words of Wanda in the video echo..."The day you call on the namne of the Lord you will be set free". I am praying that God will allow me another opportunity to talk with Jordan and continue to water the already planted seed that is in his life!

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